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Andrews, best known for his role as Kip the bomb disposal man in The English Patient and Sayid in the cult US TV drama Lost, will also start filming for Caught in Flight this month. It wasn't simply on the streets that he faced abuse. "The older I get, the more I look at how hard it was for them to come here from India in 1965, three years before Enoch Powell's infamous 'rivers of blood' speech," he says.

He plays Dr Hasnat Khan, former lover of Princess Diana. "They dealt with unimaginable stuff I still can't fully comprehend.

That's what having a 20-year-old kid does for you: it gives you a sense of perspective. Men are the weaker sex and retain their immaturity, it seems, to the grave. You can't do anything about it." He is unaware of the latest tabloid sensation, Harry Styles, the 18-year-old One Direction singer, having a relationship with the 32-year-old television presenter Caroline Flack, but thinks interest in age difference is utterly natural. There are great novels about relationships between older women and younger men. I think it's part of the human condition, age gaps in relationships, whether between older females and younger males, or the other way round," he says, before suggesting people are interested only in older women.

You can't be a victim of arrested development." Has he matured? "Nobody ever questions it when it's an older man and younger woman.

When they split up briefly in 2005, Andrews fathered a second son, Joshua, now six, with the actress Elena Eustache.

They later fought a custody battle over the child which he says he's legally bound not to talk about. While currently in a relationship, after splitting with Hershey in 2010, he says it remains private.

We’re more apt to react with surprise when we hear about people getting together who are “age appropriate” because it’s common in this town for the man to be 10, 20 or more years older than his girlfriend.

Older rich guy, younger attractive woman – so what?

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"I don't know if I'd have been able to do it: to see three pubs on every street.Most of the time you wake up, look in the mirror and want to give up. It isn't awful, it's just the way I feel." Aged 16, he fell in love with Geraldine Feakins, a 30-year-old maths teacher at his private school.They had an affair; she split up with her husband, and by the age of 18, Andrews was living with her.1993 Stars as Karim Amir in BBC series The Buddha of Suburbia. 2005 Briefly separates from Hershey and fathers a son, Joshua, with actress Elena Eustache. 1996 Stars in The English Patient as Kip, a Sikh bomb disposal expert.

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