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Wikipedia's Jimmy Wales is launching an online news service...Robin Emmott Madrid believes Russian-based groups used online social media to heavily promote Catalonia’s independence referendum last month in an attempt to destabilise Spain, Spanish ministers said today.Steve Dempsey 'We come in peace." So said Google UK's managing director Ronan Harris at the Society of Editors conference in Cambridge last week.He was refuting claims that Google and Facebook are 'ruthlessly stealing' the advertising revenue that publishers hoped to acquire through online editions.Leonid Bershidsky Political pressure is gradually forcing Facebook executives to take responsibility for the content that appears on the social network, at this point mainly for the advertising. By Max Mc Lean The Pasco Sheriff’s office has felt it necessary to warn people not to shoot weapons at Hurricane Irma, after a Facebook event called ‘Shoot at Hurricane Irma’ attracted interest from more than...Steve Dempsey This week Facebook's assault on TV gathered pace.Mary Clare Jalonick and Barbara Ortutay Facebook says a Russian group posted more than 80,000 times on its network during and after the 2016 election, potentially reaching as many as 126 million users.Ciara O'Connor My Facebook timeline is usually an interminable list of other people's weddings, babies, Prosecco and passports at airports.

Adrian Weckler Fake news is inextricably associated with one company: Facebook This is for good reason.Sophie Donaldson Have you ever had that dream where you arrive at school and suddenly realise you are naked? Now imagine if that wasn't a dream and, instead of your classmates, you are exposed to basically anybody who has an internet connection - some three billion people, according to recent estimates.Donal O'Donovan Facebook has claimed that US tax authorities are unjustly denying it a right of appeal, against a decision stemming from a 2011 audit of the social network's 2008 to 2010 taxes, including the treatment...Mary Clare Jalonick Hundreds of fake Facebook accounts, probably run from Russia, spent about 0,000 (€83,855) on ads aimed at stirring up divisive issues such as gun control and race relations during the 2016 US presidential election, the social network said yesterday.Steve Dempsey When you buy a TV, print or outdoor ad you have a clear sense of how many consumers were going to see your ad, and - if your media planning was up to scratch - how many of those would be your...

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