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BULLIES) and are required, BY LAW, to deal with said individuals and/or groups. Three) The LAW states that no one who posts on the internet can be censored simply because there is a chance that someone thirteen or younger, may see it. )Better than Naruto/Tenten Jiraiya/Tsunade(An older version of Naruto/Sakura)Better than Minato/Tsunade Obito/Rin (Didn't think I would ever add this here, guess I was wrong about Obito)Natsu/Lucy(Natsu just defines badass and Lucy is an absolute blonde bombshell, It's an awesome fit; My Favorite Fairy Tail pairing)Natsu/Lisanna(Childhood friends, enough said)Natsu/Erza(They really seem to have a good relationship, plus they're both highly protective of each other and trust one another with their lives)Natsu/Mirajane(She's really scary at times, but there's no doubt she has a soft spot for him)Natsu/Cana(She is just so damn sexy and personality wise she's a good fit for Natsu)Natsu/Wendy(Two powerful Dragon Slayers)Natsu/Yukino(Loved the interaction between them during the Grand Magic Games Arc especially when Natsu was sweet-talking her)Natsu/Minerva(I truly think he could break through that sadistic facade of her's with his charismatic personality; And I think it's only fair for her to have some happiness after the unfair abuse she suffered at the hands of her bastard of a father)Natsu/Kagura(I could see her falling for Natsu for many reasons, but the biggest one being that Natsu's the one who defeated Jellal and avenged her brothers murder)Natsu/Ultear(Those two really do look good together, now that I think about it; both have similarly laid back and easygoing personalities, as well as both being victims of a tragic past)Gray/Juvia(She's so funny and deep down Gray really does love her; The best pairing for Gray)Gray/Ultear(Two powerful Ice-Make mages)Gray/Lucy(Well he did refer to her as cute so it could go somewhere)Gray/Cana(They've known each other for so long and they really seem to click with one another)Laxus/Mirajane(They've known each other for a long time and they seem to genuinely care for each other, plus she seems to get genuinely excited when he comes around; The best pairing for Laxus)Laxus/Cana(The more I think about it, the more I realize these two would make the perfect power couple, plus he's always so protective of her)Gajeel/Levy(It's obvious she's obsessed with him, and the feeling seems to be mutual; Even more so now that Levy's pregnant)Alzack/Bisca(Love between a husband and wife, how sweet)Elfman/Evergreen(He always is looking out for her and she really seems to have a soft spot for him; Now that they're together, it really is beauty and the beast)Bickslow/Lisanna(They would look great together since both of them have upbeat, carefree personalities)Freed/Mirajane(I've got the strongest feeling the two of them would be perfect for each other with their "demonic" personalities even though I'm still not entirely sure if Freed is gay or not)Romeo/Wendy(Two of the youngest, yet most promising mages in Fairy Tail; My Favorite pairing for Wendy)Bacchus/Cana(Two mages with a strong love for alcohol; My Favorite Pairing for Cana)Loke/Aries(Two celestial spirits, who are very cool and very loyal to Lucy and I personally find this pairing to be better than Loke/Lucy)Loke/Lucy(He looks after her like a watchdog and he really seems to care for her)Jellal/Erza(Even though he feels he doesn't deserve her, I beg to disagree; The best pairing for Jellal)Jellal/Ultear(They appear to be extremely close and she seems to care for him after all that she had done to him, plus she's almost like another Erza for him)Jellal/Meredy(They've been teammates for the longest and they trust each other with their lives)Ren/Sherry(Ren is such a hotshot and Sherry is a total babe so it's a match made in heaven; Plus they're engaged)Hibiki/Jenny(A pretty boy womanizer and a vain top model, it's a perfect match; Plus it's pretty clear that they seem to be in a relationship; The best pairing for Hibiki)Hibiki/Karen (Well she was his first love and her death had a profound impact on him)Hibiki/Lucy(He really seems to care about her and she seems to find him attractive, Plus I think that Hibiki sometimes sees Lucy as another Karen, but much nicer)Eve/Wendy(For some reason or another, I can seriously see her falling for him since he did refer to her as beautiful once; Plus I think it's kinda unfair that Eve is the only Trimens member without a lover)Sting/Yukino(He really does seem to care for her and I think this is a much better pairing than Natsu/Yukino; The best pairing for Sting)Rogue/Minerva(He truly cares for her despite all that she'd done in the past, Plus they both have overcome dark pasts to become better people)Kagura/Rogue(I have the strongest feeling they would look great together since both of them are as cool and calm as a couple of cucumbers)Lyon/Meredy(Well he did say that she was cute, so you never know where it could go; My New Favorite Pairing for Lyon)Lyon/Chelia(I mean it's pretty obvious she loves him, just wish Lyon would wake up and see that)Lyon/Ultear (Love beteween Ur's daughter and one of her disciples)Cobra/Kinana(They've loved each other for ages, it was so good to finally see them together at the end of the series)Zeref/Mavis(Light and Darkness, an interesting mix; Plus they have so much history together)Ken/Yolei(My personnal favorite pairing in this series, Ken's a cool dude and Yolei's a total babe)Matt/Sora(Classic good girl/bad boy relationship)Tai/Sora(They're okay plus they fight like an old married couple half the time.)Not As Good as Matt/Sora Mimi/Joe(Even though they're complete polar opposites, I think that they would be a perfect match for each other)T. A glimpse into the future of Takato and Rika's relationship as they continue through life, growing closer and decorating a Christmas tree after finishing their patrol. :)Little did both Natsu and Lucy know that their unexpected encounter, in an unlikely place...would result in more than a good soak in the hot springs! Heavy sexual content, reader's discretion is advised. Naruto vacations in Los Angeles and befriends doodle Holli Would, who takes a shine to him and takes him sightseeing while they quickly grow closer. Two young shinobi with royal ancestries)Minato/Kushina(They gave us Naruto and were two cool ninjas) My Favorite Pairing For Minato Minato/Tsunade(Two powerful blonde Hokage)Minato/Mei (Two powerful, yet loved and admired Kage of their respective villages)Minato/Mikoto(Another original Minato pairing, plus I think Mikoto looks better paired with Minato than Fugaku)Kakashi/Rin(Absolutely love this pairing, Kakashi's a complete badass and Rin's a total sweetheart, You do the math) My Favorite Pairing for Kakashi Kakashi/Shizune(Two powerful hokage students)Better than Naruto/Shizune Kakashi/Hanare (He stopped her from going down the wrong road and they seemed to care for one another)Shikamaru/Temari(Both deny liking each other even though it's pretty obvious they're in love)Gaara/Matsuri(Fangirls man, plus it's pretty obvious she cares about him)Neji/Tenten(Great couple, just wish Neji wasn't dead(Damn you Kishimoto!!!!!! Sequel one-shot to Hot Summers Day, just in time for Christmas. Piano Intro [Massive True Mix] (TTTT2)The Edge of Soul (Intro Theme), The Wind and Clouds (Theme of Mitsurugi), The Gears of Madness (Theme of Voldo), Soul and Sword (Theme of Siegfried), Bravely Folk Song (Theme of Cervantes), World Atlas Collapsed (Theme of Souledge) Duelists (Theme of Mitsurugi) Wings of Faith (Theme of Sophitia) The Cursed Image (Theme of Taki) Sail Over The Storm (Theme of Maxi), The New Legend (Theme of Edge Master and Kilik), Bred From the Gap (Theme of Astaroth and Lizardman), Unblessed Soul (Theme of Ivy), Chasing Downstream (Theme of Yoshimitsu), In The Name of Father (Theme of Nightmare), Immortal Flame (Theme of Inferno)Under The Star of Destiny (Opening Theme), Tales of Swords and Souls (Weapons Master Mode Opening Theme), History Unfolds (Character Select Theme), Healing Winds (Gallery Theme), Windshadow (Weapons Master Mode Theme), Destiny Awaits No One (Theme of Yun-Seong), Ordinary Pain (Theme of Voldo), Chasing Death (Theme of Charade), Brave Sword Braver Soul (Theme of Taki), Guided By Wind (Theme of Talim), Unwavering Resolve (Theme of Cassandra), Eternal Struggle (Theme of Cervantes), No Turning Back (Theme of Raphael), Hubris (Theme of Xianghua), Raise Thy Sword (Theme of Nightmare), Hellfire (Theme of Inferno)Hour of Destiny (Intro Theme) Lorekeeper (Main Menu Theme), History Unfolds (Character Select Theme), The Intruder, No Regrets (Theme of Cervantes), Confrontation (Theme of Rock), Pure Breeze (Theme of Talim), The New Legend (Theme of Kilik), Face Your Fate (Theme of Ivy), Sail Over The Storm (Theme of Maxi), Call of the Ancients (Theme of Yun-Seong), Bred From The Gap (Theme of Astaroth), Endless Warfare (Theme of Raphael), Beyond The Horizon (Theme of Lizardman), Through Molten Caves (Theme of Yoshimitsu), Blind Loyalty (Theme of Voldo), Ephemeral Dream (Theme of Setsuka) The Blade Seeker (Theme of Mitsurugi) Fearless Eyes (Theme of Sophitia), The Evil Moon (Theme of Seong-Mina), Water Dance (Theme of Xianghua), Wings of Despair (Theme of Tira), The Cursed Image (Theme of Taki), Burning Mansion (Theme of Cassandra), Labyrinth of Moonlight (Theme of Olcadan), Time Marches On (Theme of Zasalamel), If There Were Any Other Way (Destined Battle Theme), Forsaken Sanctuary (Theme of Siegfried), Catastrophe (Theme of Abyss), World Distortion (Theme of Night Terror) Immaculate Pledge (Thesmophoros Imperial Garden Theme), To The Wind (Distant Marsh Theme), Reign Of Doom (Ostrheinsburg Castle Throne Room Theme), Glacial Colosseum (Ice Coffin of the Sleeping Ancient Theme), Infernal Offering (Kunpaetku Shrine-Dream Remnants Theme), Indomitable Warrior (Egyptian Temple, Sacred Flame Theme), Halcyon Harbor (Sailor's Rest Theme), Valiant Heart (Wolfkrone Monument Theme), Tempered Soul (Hall of the Warrior God Theme), Gigantesque (Tower of Remembrance: Ancient Gate Theme), Breakthrough (Tower of Remembrance: Spiral of Time Theme), Destiny Will Tell (Tower of Remembrance: Encounter Theme), The Supreme Sword (Tower of Remembrance: Degradation Theme), Thanatos (Tower of Lost Souls Theme) Sword of Resolution (Patroklos Theme), 'Till Fate Writes My Epitaph (Siegfried Theme), Sleepless-An Untamed Beast (Z. Theme), Daybreaker (Hilde Theme), Tread Ye the Path of Bravery (Yoshimitsu Theme), Where Springs Not Fail (Leixia Theme), Faster Than A Howling Wind (Natsu Theme), Let My Soul Burn (Maxi Theme), Without The Blessings of Fate (Ivy Theme), Virtuous Heart (Alpha Patrokolos Theme), Wings of Sorrow (Pyrrah Theme), Mischievous Whispers (Tira Theme), Wandering Seer (Viola Theme), Blood Thirst Concerto (Raphael Theme), Amid The Pure Insanity (Voldo Theme), Pavor Nocturnus (Nightmare Theme), Adorned With Evil (Pyrrah Omega Theme), Samsara-The Wheel Of Eternity (Kilik Theme), Regalia (Algol Theme) Sacred Dawn (Elysium Theme), Venice Rooftops-SCV Mix (Ezio Auditore Theme), Antares (Devil Jin Theme)1.

If you think your sixteen year old doesn't know about things like violence or sex..are sadly mistaken. NK (So What, Funhouse, F*kin' Perfect, U and Ur Hand, Who Knew, Get the Party Started)P. To Be Loved, Forever, Getting Away With Murder, Last Resort, Broken Home, Between Angels and Insects, Scars, Hollywood Whore, Face Everything And Rise, Gravity, Falling Apart, Still Swingin, She Loves Me Not, Burn, Kick In the Teeth, No Matter What, Help, Born for Greatness, American Dreams)Pop Evil (Monster You Made, Trenches, Footsteps [Go Higher])Queen (We Will Rock You)R. TLC (Waterfalls, Creep, Red Light Special, No Scrubs)Trey Songz (Sex Ain't Better Than Love, Can't Be Friends, Neighbors Know My Name, One Love, Say Aah)Trivium (Down From The Sky, Strife, Until The World Grows Cold)Tyrese (How You Gonna Act Like That, Sweet Lady, Lately, Too Easy)Usher (You Make Me Wanna, Nice & Slow, My Way, U Remind Me, U Got It Bad, U Don't Have To Call, Yeah! 1 & 2, Burn, Caught Up, My Boo, Bad Girl, Seduction, Hey Daddy [Daddy's Home]; There Goes My Baby, OMG, Papars, More, DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love, Love In This Club, Trading Places, Moving Mountains, Climax, Scream, Good Kisser)The Veer Union (Seasons, Darker Side Of Me, Borderline, Bitter End, I Will Remain, Inside Our Scars, Silent Gun)The White Stripes (Seven Nation Army)The Who (Baba O'Riley, Won't Get Fooled Again, Who Are You, Teenage Wasteland, Pinball Wizard)Wu-Tang Clan (Protect Ya Neck, C. A., Me and My Girlfriend, I Ain't Mad At Cha, Hail Mary, Ambitionz Az a Ridah, Life Goes On, I Get Around, All Eyez On Me, 2 of Amerikaz Most Wanted, Only God Can Judge Me, So Many Tears)50 Cent (In Da Club, Candy Shop, Just A Little Bit)Any Classic Rock & Roll/Heavy Metal Groups (Guns N' Roses, ZZ Top, Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne, The Rolling Stones, Warrant, Mötley Crüe, Van Halen, Europe, etc...)Any Old School Hip-Hop/Rap Artists (Run D. C., Public Enemy, Ice Cube, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Naughty By Nature, Sir Mix-A-Lot, Lil' Jon & The East Side Boyz, etc..)Any Old School R&B/Soul Artists (Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind, & Fire; Bobby Caldwell, Zapp & Roger, Theodis Ealy, The Temptations, James Brown, Sade, etc..)Any Gospel Artists (Marvin Sapp, Kirk Franklin, etc..)Any Christian Rock/Metal Groups (Decyfer Down, Demon Hunter, Fireflight, Flyleaf, Nine Lashes, Pillar, etc..)Any Pop/Top 100 artists from 1990-2010 (The Golden Era of Pop Music, miss it a bunch) Black Winter Night Sky (Opening Movie Theme), Are You Ready (Character Select Theme), A Man of Artificiality (JACK-2 Theme) As Bald As (Heihachi Mishima Theme), Two Different Sides (Marshall Law Theme), Nobody Catch Me (Michelle Chang Theme), Morning Field (Jun Kazama Theme), Silent Assassin [Cool Headed Mix] (Nina Williams Theme), The Head Shaker (Yoshimitsu Theme), Paul's Miracle Pon-Ken (Paul Phoenix Theme), The Place, 1997 (Lei Wulong theme), Ring A Bell (King Theme), More Vigorously (Alex & Roger Theme), Made of Stone (Prototype Jack Theme), Rhythm of China (Wang Jinrei Theme), March To The Columns (Kuma Theme), Almost Frozen (Anna Williams Theme), Ancient Temple (Kunimitsu Theme), It Makes Me Higher (Lee Chaolan Theme), Here is the Point of No Return (Armor King Theme), Quiet Interim Report (Middle Boss Theme) Emotionless Passion (Kazuya Mishima Theme), Be in the Mirror (Devil & Angel Theme), Landscape Under The Ghost-KAMINANO (Staff Roll Theme) Character Select Theme, Jin Kazama Theme, King Theme, Paul Phoenix Theme, Eddy Gordo Theme, Hwoarang Theme, Forrest Law Theme, Nina Williams Theme, Yoshimitsu Theme, Ling Xiaoyu Theme, Heihachi Mishima Theme, Julia Chang Theme, Bryan Fury Theme, Dr. Mix] (Moonlit Wilderness Stage Theme), Abyss of Time (Wayang Kulit Theme), Tekstep Fountain (Fontata di Trevi Theme), School [After School Mix] (Sakura Schoolyard Theme), Tool Pusher (Tempest Theme), Snow Castle [Mundus Arrange Mix] (Winter Palace Theme), Un Deux Trois (Strategis Space Theme), Baile de Batalla (Fireworks Over Barcelona), Reflexion (Riverside Promenade Theme), Siga (Tropical Rainforest Theme), The Big One [Quiet Strings Mix] (Moai Excavation Theme), Mystic Force (Extravagent Underground Theme), Plucking Tulips (Tulip Festival Theme), Jin Kazama [Far East Mix] (Hall of Judgement Theme), Utmost Limits (Naraku Theme), What You Will See (Heavenly & Fallen Garden Theme), Knock 'Em Down (Snoop Dogg Stage Theme), Your Sunset (Character Customization Theme)Criteria for my Top 25 rankings is based on the prestige of the theme, the overall repetitiveness of the theme (overly repetitive themes rank lower on the list and vice-versa), how well the theme fits the stage and (in some cases) the character it's associated with, how well does the theme capture the fighting spirit of Tekken, and the adrenaline factor.1. Now, just because it's a rule, or company policy, doesn't make it legal and you WILL end up going to jail if you do that (tempting as it might be some days). Five) In order to make this site legal, all bully groups and individuals who harass another for whatever reason, this site would have to deal with them. Naruto/Karui(Who the hell would pair Naruto up with someone who beat the hell out of him for NO DAMN REASON, that doesn't make sense to me; Sakura may do it to Naruto all the time, but at least she has doubt that Mikoto would be lusting for her best friend's son)Naruto/Hanabi(She's WAY too young to be paired with Naruto)Naruto/Haku(NO WAY IN HELL! Haku is a guy for Christ's sake and there's no way I'm ever pairing Naruto with another guy, 2. Maybe this place isn't so different after all, eh Kurama? Hagoromox Seraphim (Head Angel) Read to find out how these two became the couple known today and please review if enjoyed. Flashback story to The Maelstrom and Holy Inquisitor to all subsequent entries. K./Kari(Love them so much, wish they would have gotten married in the anime)Tai/Jun(She's like another Sora for him) Better than Tai/Sora Takato/Rika(I think it's obvious to anyone with a brain in their head that those two secretly love each other)Henry/Alice(Alice is so cool and alike Henry in many aspects, It's a real shame we only got to see her once in the series)Better than Henry/Jeri Henry/Jeri(Though they've had little interaction with each other, I think that Henry's mellowed attitude would be a perfect foil to Jeri's kind yet sometimes comedic personality)Ryo/Jeri(Two of the most charismatic Tamers in the series)Better than Henry/Jeri Rika/Ryo(I think Ryo's charismatic personality can crack Rika's tough shell of pride) Not As Good as Takato/Rika Zoe/Takuya(They're an awesome pairing and I personally find this pairing better than Zoe/Koji)Zoe/Kouji(Same as with Matt/Sora, plus Zoe seems to have a thing for bad boys)Ash/Misty(The best in the series)Ash/May(She really seems to have a thing for him)Ash/Dawn(There exactly alike)Ash/Iris(Never thought I'd add this to here, even though they act like siblings, they still seem to care for each other)Ash/Serena(Childhood friends who seem to have a thing for each other, What more is there to say)Ash/Lyra (She really seems to have a thing for him, just wish Ash wasn't so dense as to see that)Ash/Melody (It's obvious she liked him, hell she kissed him when they first met)Ash/Bianca(After what he did for her and her grandfather in the Pokémon Heroes movie how could you not see them as a couple, plus I'm damn convinced that she was the one who kissed him at the end of the movie, and NOT Latias)Ash/Sabrina(He saved her from her own personal darkness)Ash/Flannery(She's so hot and personality wise, alike Ash in many ways)Ash/Jasmine (Same as with Ash/Flannery, plus he helped her cure her sick Ampharos)Ash/Anabel(Same as with Ash/Lyra)Ash/Duplica(They definitely left quite an impression on each other)Brock/Pike Queen Lucy(She's the girl to ever show any real interest in him, so why these two aren't paired up more often is beyond me)May/Drew(Another good girl/bad boy relationship)Better than Ash/May Jesse/James(Team Rocket needs love too, plus they've been together since day one)Red/Yellow(My favorite Pokémon Adventures pairing, plus she saved him in the Yellow arc)Red/Green(Green is just so damn sexy and Red just defines awesome, it's a match made in heaven)Red/Erika(Two of the coolest and nicest people in Adventures)Red/Sabrina(She's a little scary, but I think she has a soft spot for Red)Red/Misty(Adventures version of Ash/Misty)Blue Oak/Green(Two brunette Dexholders who have a comedic, yet friendly history) Better Than Red/Green Gold/Crystal(She really seems to like him despite his often immature attitude)Silver/Crystal(They're very alike in some details)Not As Good as Gold/Crystal Ruby/Sapphire(You know what they say "opposites attract", plus she confessed to him that she liked him)Diamond/Platinum(They really seem to care for each other)Black/White (Though they come from two different worlds and lifestyles, I think they would be a perfect match for each other) exception is Naruto/Karin because she has shown a romantic intrest in him and because they're not direct relatives. A full Millenia ago, Hagoromo met Seraphim and begins a friendship with her that'll evolve into their marriage once they overcome a few life obstacles. Naruto is hired to locate the whereabouts of the Kagami and Ichinose celebrity families along with their gravure idol/super model friends before they become victims of an obscene festival set in a rural village. Remake of Helter Skelter Hakudaku no Mura and Rin x Sen Ran Sem: Cross Mix.

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