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They first performed linear regression to estimate creatinine excretion/kg body wt as (28 − 0.2 × age) in a sample of 249 men aged 18 to 92 yr.

This linear function then was substituted into the formula for creatinine clearance: Cockcroft and Gault reported their data as means and SE by decade (2), and, as shown in Figure 3, there was a fairly strong negative linear association between age and creatinine excretion for men.

We assessed the performance of the CG Cl Results are expressed as mean ± SD, unless indicated otherwise.

The DCCT participants had normal serum creatinine, unlike the MDRD patients, and somewhat lower creatinine excretion than subjects in the original cohort Cockcroft Gault, which led to biased and highly variable estimates of GFR when these formulas were applied to the DCCT subjects.

All but three determinations were identical (Figure 1).

The mean difference (MDRD laboratory − University of Minnesota laboratory) was 0.0125 mg/dl, with SD 0.03 mg/dl, and the Pearson correlation coefficient was 0.9965.

Smooth estimates of the mean in the figures were computed using the lowest function in R, which does not assume a linear form and permits a visual check of linearity.

Characteristics of the 1286 DCCT participants with closeout i GFR used in this analysis are summarized in Table 2.

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