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But then at the end, he ditches her at the wedding and goes after her twin sister saying Tsukina is his "true love".

If you didn't find anything wrong with that, keep rereading it. it was incredibly cute yet perfect for the realistic tone of the story. Sad, beautiful, heart breaking and heart warming at the same time!! Last updated on October 22nd, 2012, am In my opinion "Field Trip on Monday" was the best.

However there is one thing that I just can't even comprehend. Apparently he loves Mina throughout the whole story. He thinks she's the one who stays by his side when he's blind.

The Flower that Blooms in You by Mitsuya Omi Tsukina is secretly in love with her twin sister's boyfriend. I would like to see more of Miyoshi getting used to Miki and overall conquering his gynophobia. We are especially in need of proofreaders/QCers, redraw artists, and translation QCers. This is another flashback chapter told from Miyoshi’s point of view. I guess I’ll write about my conflicted feelings in the comments section in a day or two.This is more about influence being a barrier rather than gender.That’s not to say gender doesn’t play a role, because it does play a big role.

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