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An enjoyable aspect of collecting for me was that I could make my own rules.

I decided to collect books on Greenland, but not on Iceland. Deutsche Antarktische Expedition 1938/38 mit dem Flugzeugstützpunkt der Deutschen Lufthansa A.

With our Russian background, and with two children and a granddaughter who spoke Russian to assist me, I set a goal to acquire the 161 titles in Valerian Lada- Mocarski's Bibliography of Books on Alaska published before 1868 (New Haven and London: 1969). His own collection was sold in 1971 by San Francisco book dealer Warren Howell to Elmer Rasmuson of Alaska.

Lada-Mocarski included books which he considered most important in telling the story of the exploration and settlement of Russian-America before the U. I believe the present sale includes the most extensive privately held collection of Lada-Mocarski titles (140 lots representing 99 of the 161 Lada-Mocarski entries) since that author's own collection was described and sold nearly 50 years ago.

Sotheby's Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History Sale (4 November 2010).

https:// Christie's (New York) Russian America & Polar Exploration: Highlights from the Martin Greene Library (7 December 2017). Many classic Arctic items - Back/Narrative, Barrow/Chronological History/Voyages/Observations, Beechey/North Pole, Franklin Narrative (1)/Narrative (2nd Exp.), Parry/1821,1824,1826,1828, Phipps/North Pole, John Ross/Narrative/2nd, Sabine/Wrangell, Scoresby/Account and Journal… Bonhams (New York) Exploration & Travel Sale (20 September 2016). Michael Treloar's Auction of Manuscripts, Books, Photographs and Maps (28 August 2016). Cordy's Special Antique, Art & Firearm Sale (5 July 2016). Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History (28 April 2016). Bonham's Polar Sale: Scott and Amundsen Centenary (30 March 2012). Sothebys (London) Travel, Atlases, Maps and Natural History (14 November 2017). Of Antarctic material the following are the details. Sothebys (London) The Library of John and Suzanne Bonham (26 September 2017). Bonhams (London) Travel & Exploration Sale (1 February 2017). The prices given are what the buyer would have to pay viz. ) and 17.5% VAT on the premium." I've gone to Lyon & Turnbull's site ( and included additional details which are included below along with some comments from Chris Edwards set in quotes.

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